Live Rich, Die Poor, the one woman show

Based on the life of Zora Neale Hurston, the brilliant writer from the Harlem Renaissance who wrote There Eyes Were Watching God comes an unapologetic look at her colorful life. Using poetry, music and humor, this show takes a look at her life and imagines what her philosophy of life was. What kind of mood and attitude did she have as she traversed this earth. Actress and writer Ann Perry Wallace re-imagines scenes from Hurston’s life; from her happy days in Eatonville, the devastating loss of her mother, the lost years of wandering that she never spoke of, to arriving in New York and becoming a fixture within the writing world of the Harlem Renaissance and even her falling out with Langston Hughes. This is a study of a woman who fought to live life on her own terms.

60 Months , the television series

60 months tells the story of a broken black woman working in social work. Her clients are also broken black women and have 60 months to receive government assistance. In that time she must help them prepare to be independent, but it is a complex process mixed with her desire to save them and her contempt for them. 

Super Pookie, the childrens book

Super Pookie is a hero. He has to battle Cindy the candy thief, and the villian taking the test from the teachers desk. This is the dream life of little Percy.  In real life he is a super smart , scrawny kid in a wheel chair who has a real life nemesis to deal with. Alfred is a pain to everyone and Percy has found himself in Alfred's cross hairs. Super Pookie can handle the villains but can Percy?