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Cost Breakdown of Live Rich, Die Poor

Set Cost - Costume, Light, Set Design  

$2,500             Light Design

$1,000             Costume Design

$3,000             Set Design (including props)

$3,000             Two special commissioned trees (with benefactors names carved into it)

Complete the needs of the current Set (commissioned collapsible tree and boxes)

Total $8,500

Create Press Kit/Marketing (To take the show to theaters and colleges around the country)


Festivals Applications

United Solo Festival $2,000

Additional Festivals $3,000


Admin Support: $10,400


Actor Salary - 2 additional actors 3 month rehearsal and memorization fee

             Two Actors: $6,400

             Writer/Actor (during pre-production): $5,000

Stage Manager

              3 weeks prep before a show @ 20 hours a week x $50: $3,000


2 day show and rehearsal (arriving:Friday for rehearsal, performance on Sat. & Sun): $2,500


Director (3 months of rehearsals ): $4,320


Puppet Builder & Director (converting current show into a 40 min. Children’s show with puppetry): $10,000

Children’s Show development and research: $2,000



Dramaturg: $2,000

Housing and Food during Tour dates:

$750 for 10 weekends

$7,500 per person


TOTAL: $85,100




Levels of Giving

(to get to $85,100)


In Memorial (appears in playbill)

$750 (8 at this level)

EXAMPLE: Live Rich Die Poor

Written and performed by Ann Perry

Presented in memory of

Jimella Maple by the Maple, Perry, Foster Family

$1,000 ( 20 at this level)

Eatonville’s Backbone Sponsor


$500 ( 40 at this level)

Harlem Renaissance Wings Sponsor


Title sponsorship (one at this level)


Appears on the Playbill

Live Rich Die Poor, A Like Bamboo Production

Presented by Clarence and Edna Perry

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